Cafe Villa Menus


The kitchen is open until 2.45pm. daily. 

Beef Burger : a prime beef patty with caramelised onions, brie, beetroot and plum sauce, served with a side of salted wedges.   $21.00

Gourmet Mushrooms : with bacon served on sourdough bread  $21.00

Lambs Fry : with bacon and onions in a port and cream sauce with toasted sourdough $21.00

Chicken Gourmet Sandwich on toasted sourdough, cajun chicken, spicy apricot sauce, brie and mesclun  $21.00

Bacon and Avocado Gourmet Sandwich : on toasted sourdough, Villa relish, tomato and mesclun $21.00

Corn Fritters with bacon and sweet chilli sauce, and sour cream  $20.00

Bagel Special with cream cheese, bacon, tomato and spicy sauce. $17.50

Salmon Scrambled eggs : Served on toasted sourdough $19.50

Omelette Choose three fillings from: spinach, mushroom, ham, feta, onion, chorizo, tomato and cheese.  Served with salad.  $21.00 with toast $20.00

Salads : cajun chicken, served with orange yoghurt dressing and garlic bread  $21.00

Green salad, served with french stick.  $17.00

Green salad with bacon and avocado  $21.00

Green Salad served with salmon and avocado $21.00

Villa Pate, our homemade pate with Villa relish, caramelised onions and toasted sourdough $18.00

Big Breakfast : bacon eggs, hashbrowns, tomato, mushroom and toasted sourdough  $22.50

Build-a-grill  : Start with eggs on toast at $10.00, and add your favourites from the following : Bacon, sausages, hashbrowns, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms or spinach at $5 each.

Eggs Benedict : Poached eggs with ham or bacon on a toasted bagel with homemade hollandaise sauce $19.00 or with salmon at $20.00

Eggs Florentine : Poached eggs on a toasted bagel with wilted baby spinach served with our homemade hollandaise $20.00

French Toast with maple syrup and either fresh fruit or bacon at $18.00 or with both bacon and fresh fruit at $20.00

Nachos : chilli beans and melted cheese and sourcream on corn chips. $16.00

Homemade potato wedges : salted or seasoned.  Served with your choice of sauces.  Small $8.00 large  $10.00

Toasted bagel, creamcheese and jam $6.50

Toast and spreads, chefs choice $6.50

Fresh fruit selection : seasonal fresh fruit $13.00

Muesli and fresh fruit served with yoghurt and milk $12.50

Gluten free bread is available (at $2 extra) and can be used in most meals when requested.


Kids Menu

Kids Sammie: 1 filling  $2.50. 2 fillings  $3.00
Choose white or wholegrain, fresh or toasted. Choose fillings from vegemite, marmite, jam, peanut butter, honey, ham, cheese, tomato, or lettuce.

Kids Fruit Salad:  selection of seasonal fruit.   $3.50
Kids Mini Hotdogs and sauce.   $4.50
Kids Spaghetti on toast. $5.00
Kids Grill  poached egg, toast, bacon and hash brown. $10.00
Kids French Toast:  french toast served with bacon  $10.00   Bacon and fruit $10.50  
Potato Wedges:  plain or seasoned with tomato sauce.
Small    $8.00
Large    $10.00

Confectionery also available at the counter.



Our blackboard outlines our full range of Supreme Coffee, t-leaf T.s, Juices, Phoenix Organic Juices, Soft Drinks, Banana/Berry Mix Smoothie, Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocca, Spiders.  We also have a range of white and red wine, which are available by the glass or bottle, along with our selection of Beers.

Kids drinks include:
Kids hot chocolate   $2.50
Chocolate milk    $1.50
Plain milk     $1.00
Fluffy     $1.50

Fruit juice pumps $3.50
Spiders: coke, fanta, sprite $6.50
Iced chocolate    $6.50

 We do not have a holiday surcharge