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23 July 2017


"Winter has been so long, all three weeks of it."


Winter only really started a few weeks ago, seems so long ago.

22 July 2017


"Brumbies, "So long its been good to know you"."


Using that good old song title after the Brumbies were pulled apart by our Hurricanes.

19 July 2017


"Super : can we compromise?  How about 66 and a bit?"


Last elections Labour were bloody minded saying the age must go to 67, National saying nothing wrong with 65.  This election National are bloody minded, saying it must go to 67, Labour are saying nothing wrong with 65.  


These two parties are treating us plebs as fools.

15 July 2017


"Warriors holding their form."


So frustrating, always justifying the title "the woefuls"  Now that Johnson has had a leg fall off the rest of the season will be awful.

16 July 2017


"Hurricanes, Warriors, Blues, all true to form."


The Hurricanes look good.  The other two are just embarrassing.

12 July 2017


"It is Winter, weather is not news."


Our TV people are bereft of ability to find news.  Consequently thay are reverting doomsday mongering about an everyday miserable winter storm

8 July 2017


"Lions will be dog meat tonight."


The decider beteween the AB's and the Lions tonight.  I pick 20 points advantage to us.

07 July 2017


"Politicians are so quiet.  It is only 3 months to the election"


Perhaps they realise that Kiwi's are engrossed in the Lions tour and the Americas Cup.  To interupt that enjoyment would piss most people off.

05 July 2017


"Wheelchair Norm has 18 in a row. Not an ordinary mutt."


Down in the deep south Wheelchair Norm has won 18 races in a row against the best greyhounds around.  Not a bad effort.

02 July 2017


"Brainless, armless, SBW keeps series alive."


He seems to have always been a flash-harry without anything to shake in his head.  Somehow he always seems to to get what he wants.