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17 September 2017


"Rugby was better quality than the politcos"


We saw the best AB performance in yonks last night.  The politicians had better up their act with a week to go.

13 September 2017


"Polls change more often than I change my socks.  My socks dont have holes in them."


Political polls are showing the stupidity of those that run them.  Results are diametrically opposed to each other.  Crazy.

14 September 2017


"Well done Jacinda, tax hikes are on hold."


The people have made it clear that unknown new taxes being promised by Labour are not on.  If Jacinda wants to win the election she had to see sense, and she has.

07 September 2017


" Stephen Joyce : 3 plus 3 plus 3 equals minus 9. How about that!"


There are some things that appear stupid, and arguing against the tide coming in will not work.  Just ask King Canute.

09 September 2017


"The fart tax is back on.  Do you fart?  You could be next."


Queen Helen saw that this tax, taxing animals in a paddock would only lead to ridicule, so she dumped it.  Now Jacinda is trying it on.  The extensions are taxing your pet moggie and even you.  We all contribute to carbon emmissions, but taxing it to fill the overful coffers is not a clever call.

08 September 2017


"Jacinda, keep smiling, the new taxes dont matter.":


Yeah right.  If the people listen they will be scared of the new taxes, we will soon be taxed out of our lives if common sense doesnt return.

01 September 2017


"The great debate, cured my insomnia"


That was no great leaders debate : Bill English and Jacionda Adern stood on soap boxes and spouted their wish lists. That is not debating.

02 September 2017


"Go the Warriors , give us a thrill in the last game."


I had hopes that we may see a Warriors win in the last game of the season.  We didnt.  Now there is only next year.  How often have we heard that.

31 August 2017


"Elections : Has been suspended due to lousy weather."


Thats the sort of day we had yesterday.

30 August 2017


"Elections : We will spend it just in case."


Now whatever money the tax payers have had fleeced by the politicos is being spent, and more by all comers wanting to be the government after the election.