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13 April 2019


"Hi mum, arent holidays wonderful."


School hols come around again.  It must be a dread for the mums and dads that cannot afford it.

10 April 2019


One Terrorist cancels half of Anzac day.  Not good enough."


The government are now running for cover after many Anzac day services are being cancelled.  They were happy until public opinion said : enough.

12 April 2019


"Distractions have helped the Government, but Capital Gains Tax is still there."


Christchurch has made the government think their CGT is okay as the subject has been taken off the news.  This invidious tax is never okay as they want it.

03 April 2019


"It is too cold for the chalk to work."


Very cold mornings are here, jopefully they are restricted to mornings.

04 April 2019


"Daylight saving this weekend, will mean days are warmer."


Sunday we put clocks back an hour.  Hopefully the later start to days will mean warmer days.

23 March 2019


"Blues win, has the worm turned?"


Thew Blues beat trhe Highlanders, not pretty, but perhaps the worm has turned and they may carry on

24 March 2019


"Blues win, Crusaders lose, Chiefs win.  Oh to be a bookie"


A single dollar would have netted around $70 for those results.  Makes you wonder, what is going on?

25 March 2019


"Woeful Warriors return.  And so early."


remember the woefuls?  That team played better than this team last night.

18 March 2019


"Over 40 buses cancelled today. Great."


Wellington buses are pathetic.  Get rid of the management.  This while the Christchurch disaster is still with us.

15 March 2019


"Environmental rallies give the warm fuzzies.  We need more"


Kindergarten kids and primary school kids are out protesting about climate change.  We need the parents to walk the talk too, show these toddlers what it will take have an effect.  That does not mean carrying on everyday life, it means changing everday life.