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29 October 2009

"Poll results : Marmite 20, Vegemite 10, Peter Dunne 12"


Peter Dunne is for those that choose to be fence sitters

30 October 2009


"2/10 for lazy journalists over Rodney's travel"

Perk buster Rodney used $25K of tax payers money to take his partner overseas.  So what, its the parliamentary way.  The media jumped on the band wagon after Parliamentary Services released the quarterly report on expenses.  Journalists did absolutely nothing other than use a release that is available to everyone.  Thats lazy in my thoughts.

28 October 2009


"Tell us, are you for marmite or vegemite"


20 were for marmite and 10 for vegemite, a reasonable number sat on the fence. For their trouble they get Peter Dunne, the ultimate fence sitter, as their MP

25 October 2009


"Kiwis form reversal : 20:20"


Everyone expected another lopsided result against Oz.  Kiwis were unlucky not to win being in front 3 minutes to go.  A draw.  Well done the Kiwis

25 October 2009


"KIwi League form reversal.  20: 20"


Who would have picked it.  The Kiwis did it again.  TAB had Oz as odds on 13+ favourite yet Kiwis all but won the game.  Great effort from the team.

23 October 2009


"ACC can only improve with reforms"


Everyone hears stories about ACC, all show the organisation to be a dog.  Time to take the woof out and put some bite in.

24 October 2009


"Provincial rugby is great, despite NZRFU"


4 Teams from division one are to be dumped at the end of this season.  These have been preselected by NZRFU.  What a bunch of wankers.

21 October 2009


"My car needs new tyres, does yours?"


I just checked my tyres, they are not like they used to be.

22 October 2009


" Remember last Thursday?  Here we go again"


I checked with at least a dozen people, none of them could remember anything about last Thursday.  Henry Ford said that if we dont learn from history we will have to re-live it.  I supoose we have to re-live last Thursday.