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04 September 2009


"Rugby tonight : Nah!"


After the Lions performance last week with the prima donna All Blacks I am not ready to watch the game tonight.  C'mon Phoenix,

02 September 2009


"NIWA says August was good.  Rocket Science"


We were all there and discovered the weather for ourselves.  Good thing the megabucks behind NIWA agreed.

03 September 2009


"Rumour : Nats to sell the Police"


Following Labour hacks story that the Nats are going to sell police stations and houses.  Please dont treat us as stupid.

30 August 2009


"Wgtn AB's will need to get real jobs"


Our All Blacks were so pathetic in the Ranfurly Shield match that I simply dont want to know them any more.  Hopefully they will be dumped for lack of ability and desire.  Perhaps Presidents grade will do where no one cares about prima donnas

31 August 2009


"99.98% Homeowners have no problems"


The media in their braindead way tell us about the few problem homes where mortgagee sales are happening.  They cannot evevn be bothered researching the subject, I speculate that if the did that the 283 mortgagee sales are probably speculators that have been too greedy.  0/10 for the media yet again.

27 August 2009


"I paid my penny, and the board is still blank"


This is only because I didnt feel that a comment like Teddy to meet Mary Jo again would be PC after Ted Kennedy's death.  Mind you Mary Jo Kopechne wouldnt mind after her death in 1969

28 August 2009


"The daffodils : I wandered........"


Daffodil day today, and no younger people seem to know that I was a lonely cloud according to William Wordsworth

26 August 2009


"Since the election, the weather has improved"


Compliments to Bob Jones in his book, Letters, which is worth reading and re-reading.

23 August 2009


" I couldnt save the cricketers as well as the AB's"


At least the All Blacks had a win, allbeit by one point.

24 August 2009


"Politicians too busy to listen to us plebs"


88% of the voters cant make the government consider a law change on the antismacking  law. hmmm....