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 15 May 2009


"Melissa Lee, dumb, media, worse"



The media followup of Melissa Lee's comment on South Auckland being a home of crime bares a strong resemblence to lemings.


14 May 2009


"Reserve Bank.  The mouse that roared"



Do they really expect the banks to reduce interest rate because they asked them to.  Must be mad.

 13 May 2009


" Auckland Motorway"  Get over yourselves."



Why is it that Aucklanders  want a motorway yet moan like mad when they have to make the sacrifices to get it. The term JAFFA is most appropriate

 10 May 2009


"Thanks Mum"


Mothers day here

 11 May 2009



"Normalcy returns.  Whatever that means"


After a few days including the death of Len Snee in Napier,  the loss by the Kiwi league team, the loss by the Hurricanes.  Now back to whatever is normal.

 6 May 2009


"Fun Politics, Labour resurrects Trevor"


Trevor Mallard, hachet man is back on the front bench.

8 May 2009


"Napier :  Deal to him"


Senior Constable Len Snee went to work yesterday, and never came home.




04 May 2009


"Politics is so boring"



Since the change of government no-one is opening their mouth and putting the foot in it. 

 03 May 2009


"Its great to be in Wellington"


Eat your hearts out if you werent in Wellington for this magnificent day.

 30 April 2009


"Michael Cullen leaves in style"


His valedectory was to be enjoyed.