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 27 May 2009


"Tommys' Mary loves us today"


Tommys Real Estate have celebrated their 10th Anniversary by shouting Cafe Villa customers free coffees today.

28 May 2009


"B for budget, boring and believe me"


Today is budget day, and believe me it will be boring. 

21 May 2009


"Bank Westpac, they give money away"


Following the $10mill they dropped into someones account,. and they did a runner.  Surprise, surprise 

18 May 2009


"It's my comment, if you dont like it, talk to ME"


I enjoy everyone having a thought on my comments, however berating my staff is almost cowardice. 

 17 May 2009


"Super 14, So far so good"


The Hurricanes have made it into the semi's.  Now we wait.

 15 May 2009


"Melissa Lee, dumb, media, worse"



The media followup of Melissa Lee's comment on South Auckland being a home of crime bares a strong resemblence to lemings.


 16 May 2009


" Not the day to wear a kilt"


Did it ever blow today.

14 May 2009


"Reserve Bank.  The mouse that roared"



Do they really expect the banks to reduce interest rate because they asked them to.  Must be mad.

 13 May 2009


" Auckland Motorway"  Get over yourselves."



Why is it that Aucklanders  want a motorway yet moan like mad when they have to make the sacrifices to get it. The term JAFFA is most appropriate

 10 May 2009


"Thanks Mum"


Mothers day here