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23 August 2009


" I couldnt save the cricketers as well as the AB's"


At least the All Blacks had a win, allbeit by one point.

24 August 2009


"Politicians too busy to listen to us plebs"


88% of the voters cant make the government consider a law change on the antismacking  law. hmmm....

 21 August 2009


"Joke : Be calm, Be happy, Be ticketed"


Wellington City Council have had some zombie giving parking tickets in the Ngaio area.  It took the guy 20 minutes to issue one ticket today, not sure if he had any clues at all.

 20 August 2009


"6 demented cabinet ministers support AB's"


6 of our cabinet ministers are staying on in Sydney, at our expense, to watch the test match.  We had better win, hadn't  we!

16 August 2009


"Let it rain, I dont care"


It has looked like rain all day, it just doesnt seem to get here. 

 17 August 2009


"Mondayitis, I only get it on Mondays"


I also suffer Tuesdayitis on Tuesdays, Wednesdayitis on Wednesdays,  spot the pattern?

 14 August 2009


"Live to eat, dont eat to live"


I find the latter type of person quite miserable.  Whats wrong with food that tastes good?

 12 August 2009


" Jamie Josephs' 2 finger salute to Graeme Henry"


The Wellington coach does not want Henrys' All Blacks to come back for a one-off and ruin his team that will play for the season.  "Good on ya mate"

 10 August 2009


"Defy Gravity, Lighten up!"


Just a passing thought

 08 August 2009


"Rugby, Lions to be dogmeat tonight"


Well, I got that one wrong, even the magpies managed to play worse than the lions do from time to time.