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 22 July 2009


"I am bereft of thoughts today'


I stood outside with the chalk for 5 minutes and still the blackboard was blank.

 21 July 2009


"Walking on the moon. That was so yesterday"


40 Years and one day since Neil Armstrong found the moon wasnt cheese.

 20 July 2009


"Neil to Mission Control : ' It's not cheese'"


Neil Armstrong sorted this issue out for us on the moon 40 years ago today.

 16 July 2009


"Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Schoolday!"


The end of the holidays is getting closer.

 17 July 2009


"Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Schoolday"


And closer

 18 July 2009


"AB's we wait with bated breath"


The test match against Oz looks as if it will be a battle.

 19 July 2009


"AB's Still dont know the words"


To our anthem that is.  TV showed little of our guys as they dont know the words during the anthem.  I wonder what would happen if the didnt know the actions and words to "the little dance" before the game.  What if the poms did a Morris dance before their games????

 15 July 2009


"yes we are fat.  Round is a good shape"


Following some stupid United Nations report saying Kiwis are the 3rd fattest in the world.  Sounds like more PC crap coming around again.

 13 July 2009


"Men, folic acid will be good for your pregnancy"


The last vestige (I hope), of the Clarke era when they dictated that every Kiwi must be dosed with folic acid comes in September.  Now the Minister of Health is dragging her heels on changing that, despite the known associated problems for non-pregnant people.

 12 June 2009


"At least it's dry and warm here".

It certainly was not dry or warm today.  Even the weather forecasters managed to get this one right.