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 08 August 2009


"Rugby, Lions to be dogmeat tonight"


Well, I got that one wrong, even the magpies managed to play worse than the lions do from time to time.

 07 August 2009


"Ministers should live like trolls, under bridges"


Following the media beat up on  MP's that come to Wellington to work, and accept accomodation allowances.  They do have to live somewhere?  dont they ?

 05 August 2009


"Fatty leaves us today"


Olivia leaves us today having been with us since we came to Villa.  In a couple of months she will be a proud Mum.

 06 August 2009


"Philip Field free travel : a one way ticket home"


The once shining light as the first Pacific island  MP here is a ratbag.  He is entitled to free air travle for life (at this stage)  Perhaps it can be used as a one way ticket to some obscure Paciific island where no one wants to be.

 03 August 2009


"Rugby : Get over it.  Where is Buck?"


Time for Buck Shelford to return, he must be better than the current flock of prima donnas

 04 August 2009


"Tuesdays, I go to blood donors, see you there"

02 August 2009


"All Blacks, that was bullshit" 


That is how bad the so-called All Blacks were last night.  For the one person who was so concerned, please read it as "All Blacks that was male bovine defaecation"

 31 July 2009


"Night time eraser : Coward"


The last two nights have seen the blackboard thought wiped out.  I can only see the person as a coward, not prepared to show themselves.  I repeat COWARD.

 30 July 2009


"Paula Bennett, our kind of gal"


A politician that we do not need a media hack to tell us that what we heard was not what was meant.  With Paula Bennett we all understand without difficulty.

 29 July 2009


"715 reasons to be a beneficiary"


Following the revelation that a beneficiary in Hamilton is clearing $715 per week, equivalent to $50,000 per year gross wage, just to look after her tribe of 3 kids.