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 13 July 2009


"Men, folic acid will be good for your pregnancy"


The last vestige (I hope), of the Clarke era when they dictated that every Kiwi must be dosed with folic acid comes in September.  Now the Minister of Health is dragging her heels on changing that, despite the known associated problems for non-pregnant people.

 12 June 2009


"At least it's dry and warm here".

It certainly was not dry or warm today.  Even the weather forecasters managed to get this one right.


 11 July 2009


" We have ancient visitors today'


Dear oh dear,  a personal note to Margaret, Lynette and Colin who visited us today.  Happy 60th Lynette.

 9th July 2009


"Wet weather makes for slow school hols"

The first week of the July school holidays has had 3 wet days.  Mums will be loving it.

 10 July 2009


"10 July  1967,  Decimal Currency Day"


It was so long ago that we went from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents.

 07 July 2009


"Hi Mum, enjoying your school hols?"


Day two of week one of the school holidays.  Two weeks can be a long time.

 06 July 2009


"Sick joke:  Winston's back"


Dear Winston Peters has made a comeback effort.  What a horrible thought, more media beatups.

 3 July 2009


" A painted ship upon a painted ocean, Ngaio"


Such a shame that The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner is not appreciated by younger people (schools dont teach English literature any more)..  However Ngaio is that painted ship upon the painted ocean.

 05 July 2009


" The grey bearded loon is alive and kicking"


More from the Rhyme of the  Ancient Mariner.  It looks as if you have to be ancient to know such poetry exists.

 02 July 2009


"Hey, watch the road ahead"


2 out of 2.  Twice I have had a drivers thought. Each time there has been a minor vehicle mishap where drivers havent focussed on the driving.  Naughty naught.