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 28 June 2009


"Italy failed to make the AB's look good"

If Graeme Henry and his Auckland mates were to vacate the AB's the team and rugby would look a lot better than it is now.


25 June 2009


"Another one bites the dust"


Another big lotto prize, $35 mill, slides away. 

 26 June 2009


"Another one bites the dust"


Same words as yesterday, but today Michael Jackson, the flawed pop king died.

 27 June 2009


"AB's to sing the Eyeties to death"


I am sure the AB's dont know the words to our national anthem, and dont want to either. However now they promise to sing the anthem before the game tonight.  What a horrible thought.

 20 June 2009


"Insanity is not essential, but it helps"


Self explanatory in this mad world

16 June 2009


"My cold is worse than your swine flu"


The media are really going overboard dramatising this virus.  Every year there is a flu virus of one type or another, this one is MINOR, yet is a major thing for our pathetic media lemmings.

 14 June 2009


"Dont talk about the rugby Mr Mainwaring"


After losing to France in a performance between Fawlty Towers and Dads Army we are not into rugby for a day or two.  And it is Mainwaring, pronounced as Mannering in Dads Army.

 13 June 2009


"Warriors win, buy your lotto tickets today"


After more losses than anyone wants to remember the Warriors have won a game.  If they can win, then we can all win, so buy your lotto tickets today.

12 June 2009


"Which soap will our media give us today"


The media in this country are no longer able to report news, they cannot even comment on news, they rely on dramatising it.  Perhaps they would do better as writers of  Days of our Lives.  God they are pathetic.

 11 June 2009


"I am well over the Worth-Choudary thing"


Richard Worth is a dickhead, Ms Choudary is a Labour party hack, for Gods sake, media, we dont care for their stupid games.