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 03 May 2009


"Its great to be in Wellington"


Eat your hearts out if you werent in Wellington for this magnificent day.

04 May 2009


"Politics is so boring"



Since the change of government no-one is opening their mouth and putting the foot in it. 

 30 April 2009


"Michael Cullen leaves in style"


His valedectory was to be enjoyed.

01 May 2009


" Recession : enjoy the ride".


The more we here about the recession the busier small bussiness' seem to get 

27 April 2009


"Such is life in the tropics"


After the sunshine comes warm rain, and lots of it.

28 April 2009


" I survived bird flu,  Oink sniff, Swine flu has me!"


Sounds like yet another media beat up.  Why are such sensationalists paid so much in our media?

Fiji, The ultimate banana republic

16 April 2009


School hols - our favourite time of year.



Week 1 yeah right.

17 April 2009


"Hopefully the sordid Vietch saga has ended"


The media have a lot to answer for.