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14 December 2017


"Robertsons magical mystery tour starts today."


Grant Robertson is to give his mini-budget today.  So it starts.

15 December 2017


:Grants wand seems to work like magic."


Grant Tobertson has given his mini-budget.  It has great acceptence and seems to do exactly what Labour had campaigned on.  A great first step for the new government.

9 December 2017


"Red wine uses less water than white wine."


Here we are saving water, an essential hobby this summer.  We should look at the reasons why we are using water, and we do drink white wine faster than red.

10 December 2017


"I was just getting used to summer."


Today the temperature has dropped 10 degrees, there is low cloud and some showers.  A bitter disappointment over the last week 

07 December 2017


"Save water, stick to wine."


The place is drying out, looks like it could be a togh summer.  Pity we havent worked at storing water for such times.

06 December 2017


"Al Gore, Jacinda's new friend."


He is one of those real looney tunes these days, far from when he was Vice President.  Could be the forming of a mutual admiration society.

01 December 2017


"Trains : shall we, shant we, I dont know."


The railways union is acting like the dinosaurs have been resurrected.  The Labour government must be so embarrassed by the unions actions.  These antics ended 30 years ago (apart from the teachers 10 years ago)..  What next??



29 November 2017


"Politics is going to be so much fun next year."


We are seeing the inconsistancies between election promises and reality now, there are plenty more to come.  Lets accept, this is politics and just enjoy the ride.

30 November 2017


Save water, have only 2 ice cubes in your G & T"


It is drying off quickly, we should do something to save water now.

26 November 2017


"Rugby, at least it has ended for the year."


Rugby seems to go on and on, may times so boring.  Being number one is so nothing, when there is no number two.