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22 August 2018


"Julian Genter can now bike home with her new baby."


She played the cheap media stunt by "biking" to hospital to have her overdue baby, now she can bile home.  But congrats on your new family member.

19 August 2018


"And to think some media wanted Barret to be dropped.:"


Beauden Barret ran the backline like a machine and was brilliant in everything he did against the Wallabies.  Havent heard those journos since.

20 August 2018


"Nice day for a bikeride."

tohe stupid Green MP rode her pushbike ti the hospital for an induction.  This was a pure and stupid media stunt.  I suppose she will ride it home with baby, supposing it hasnt been pinched from where she parked it.

17 ASugust 2018


"We didnt know that Winston has his own employment laws."


It would seem he is a dictator that makes sure (with $300K) reasons why his MPs all agree with him



10 August 2018


"Zealots want their freedom of speech, but not yours."


Asa we have seen in our universities.  This is troubling as they are supposed to be places where everying can openly debate their views.  If the loonies are taking over free speech at universtity then we are in extreme danger

03 August 2018


"Rest, accept the mundaneness of this day."


The day muddled along until noomn, then there was a major power outage.  We went home early.

04 August 2018


"Let there be light, and thankfully there is."


Power has returned after yesterdays outage,

27 July 2018


"John says support Trump as he does."


John is a good friend who thinks Hilary should be the President.  Not quite the same thought as the American people, but there you go.

28 July 2018


"You cant beat Werllington on a good day, unless you are the Crusaders."


And so it proved to be.

20 July 2018


"Winston as PM is boring."


We are used to Winston the out-of-date politico that always wants to play his games.  As Acting PM he is doing as he is told.....so boring