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10 June 2017


"Hurricanes : What is wrong with taking 3 point penalties?"


They are too good to take a humble penalty, and for the second time taking those penalities may have won them the game which they lost.  Get a captain on the field that has a brain please.

03 June 2017


"The Blues were bloomin' awful, the woefuls were worser!"


First the Blues play like a bunch of prima donnas, and as a team are hopeless, yet the Warriors played as per normal, and were consequently terrible.  Seems the Auckland set get what the deserve.

31 May 2017


"The Lions are here, forget the scores, lets just enjoy."


The British LKions are really rubbish, but lets enjoy the rugby festival that will be with us for a few weeks.



01 June 2017


"Why do Kiwi politicians Let Trump and May dominate the media?"


A reasonable question.  Winston is so quiet, and even Andrew is looking more forlorn than usual.  The Greens bods are popping up like a jack-in-the-box, but what are they going on about?

02 June 2017


"Queens B?day Monday.  Q Mary would be 150 this year if she had lived."


Queen Mary was George 5th's wife, thats where the hol cam from.  Of course she didnt reach 150, tell you what, I'll give it a go!

26 May 2017


"The budget : Everyone wants more, you cant, its all gone."


The government has a surplus, they are giving it out like candy, but those that are getting it say it is not enough.  Greedy greedy.

27 May 2017


"Whoeful, whining, whinging Winston likes alliteration."


Winston dropped in some nice alliteration during his budget speech.  He still has it, and enjoys the job.  Good on you Winston.

24 May 2017


"Are ISIS trying to destroy Islam?"


A fair question after they killed children in Manchester.

14 May 2017


"Mum, you will have to help us forget the Warriors."


Mothers Day 2017, the day after the Warriors day of ignomy.

13 May 2017


"Game of Thrones "Twill be a long winter" and it has started here now."


It is winter and todays temperature confirmed that.