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20 February 2019


"China, darling of the media drama departments."


Our media are loving the ability to embellish reality about our relationship with China.  Our media are seeing conspiracy theories all over the place.  The real truth is probably China are saying : who, what or where is New Zealand?

14 February 2019


"This summer is becoming more boring."


Weather is same old, same old, hot dry and almost windless day after day.  This is not what we normally get, or want

16 February 2019


"come back summer, all is forgiven."


The wind changed, the temperature is down 10 degrees, and there is some rain!

17 February 2019


I am positive that this cricket is a waste of time."


We are playing Banladesh in 3 50 over games, okay, there is a world cup coming up.  But to follow that with 3 5day tests against Bangladesh, give us a break

08 February 2019


"Capital gains tax : next it will be a carbon tax on people."


The Government are hell bent on taxing everything they can.  Looks like the old fart tax will come back soon, but on us, not animals.

06 February 2019


"Waitangi Day : Say no more."


Not a day for celebrations.

07 February 2019


"Waitangi Day : where were the rude looneys?"


We normally see these wankers dancing in front of us on the 6 oclock news.  Have they disappeared? or have they been told not to be f...wits this year?

01 February 2019


"Schools, a great institution.  Good for kids too."


I knew that schools would ber good for something!!!!

31 January 2019


"kiwibuild a gonner, too may fingers, not enough houses"


Thousands were to be built, now every one buil;t will be a bonus.  I have more fingers than "affordable houses" so far.

03 February 2012


"Rugby : Who says the Poms cant score tries?"

They scored 4 tries in cleaning out the favoured Irish