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10 May 2017


"Ed Sherrin is coming... so what... who is he?"


Everyone reckons that this guy is better than sliced bread.  The only problem is only one person spotted that the Ed Sherrin on the board is not the Ed Sheean that they think is so good!  


One for me!

4 May 2017


"Many politicians are very clever, they remain silent."


Enough said.

5 May 2017


"The social calender will not be the same wiyhout Phil."


Prince Phillip has been part of our lives for so long.  Fancy having to work until you are 96 before you can retire, wouldnt be tolerated here.

6 May 2017


"The Barrett boys are not good for my heart."


Again with what they can do, it is breath taking and spectacular.  I dont want to bungie jump either, they are all on the same level.

30 April 2017


"The world is quiet, our media are having Sunday off."


Ahhh, the quality of our news people, the have Sundays off leaving us desparately hungry for another week on Monday.

29 April 2017


"Hangovers are only afficted upon the sober, ask Mat"


Mat had a night out last night, he is okay, but is suffering!

25 April 2017




Anzac Day in 2017.  The number is my fathers' service number from World War 2.  He served in the Middle East and Italy for just over 5 years.

26 April 2017


"Queens birthday is next."


We have had about 15 weeks so far this year and we have had 7 statutory holidays.  Sounds lovely every other week we get a day off on pay.

22 April 2017


"Brumbies tried hard, well nearly."


The top Oz rugby team were well dealt to by the Hurricanes, a good effort by one side, one moment of brilliance by the other.

23 April 2017


"Stormers, Brumbies, best they have?  Hmmm..."


Time for Oz and SA to look a lot more closely if the Super Rugby is going to survive.  If each country dropped 2 teams the current dilution would reverse and 3 good teams from each country might appear.  Now lets get real SANZA havent got any idea about what real people want and will kill the competition.