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04 February


"Cricket, pretty pathetic.  Time to clear old the old has-beens perhaps?"


Taylor, Williamson, Southee, were all winners in their day.  Now they are letting the team down, too slow, inconsistant, and resting on their slow laurels.

26 Jamuary 2019


"Fawlty Towers : Dont talk about the .... cricket."


Basil  would have wanted us to not talk about the cricket, as well as the war.  Especially after last nights feeble efforts.

24 January 2019


"Cricket : Perhaps we were suffering delusions of grandeur."


We batted like muppets, bowled rubbish.  Perhaps our media had overr-rated the team because they beat Sri Lanka, another lower team.

21 January 2019


"Funny summer, sometimes it is summer."


We seem to get sdo much rubbish weather, this is same this year. 

23 January 2019


"Cricket : today we will see the real thing."


We are playing India, The real deal, we will need 300 plus runs and much better bowling than we have seen.  I wonder if it will happen?

08 January 2019


"I love global warming, because I live 300 feet above sea level."


It will take 300000 years for global warming to make my home a seaside cottage. Hmmmm...

09 January 2019


"there is always someone.  Get your own blackboard"


Overnight someone altered yesterdays board comment.  I enjoy that, as long as there is some wit or cleverness involved.  Last nights was  stupid.

12 January 2019


" Cricket : Did we win, or did they lose?"


A poor level of cricket from both teams.  We were declared the winners.  Not the style I would have hoped.

13 January 2019


" 3 Weeks, almost an Indian summer,"


The pun was too subtle, everyone thought of the weather.  The pun was around the Indain cricket teams imminent arrival.

05 January 05 January 2019


"Groundhog Day."


Say no more, other than it was a great movie.