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02 November 2017


Auckland house prices rumble.  I wonder why?"

The media missed this opportunity to give out false news.  Prices tumbled 0.5% in the last year.  Obvioulsy because there was to be a change in government, not because of natural forces., but there you go.

03 November 2017


"Wasnt summer goo."


Afetr 3 lovely days winter-like weather retuns, bugger

01 November 2017


"Foreigners, you will have to live under a bridge."


Somehow some people are deluded into thinking that banning non-Kiwis from buying an existing house will solve the price problems in Auckland.  This is totally dumb.  Lets simply call it what it is : xenpohobia.

22 October 2017


"After last night the sun will not rise today."

After the unusual election result the sun rose the next morning.  After the AB's performance in losing Oz, it will not rise today


20 October 2017


"Look, the sun still came up."


Following Winstons decision to have a Labour Government.

19 October 2017


"At least it is a summers day for Winston Day"


Today Winston will revel in his glory announcing who he chooses to be the government of New Zealand.

18 October 2017


"Who will Winston take down this time?"


Either the Nats or Labour are to be given the kiss of death today, and that is because Winston supports them.

11 October 2017


"Winston  represent your voters, not your ego."


I am sure that Winston Peters voter average 75 years oif age.  They do not play silly games, they want warmth, food, and a little extra money to see their years out.  What do they get?  They get Winston.

132 October 2017


"Winston this, Winston that.  I am sick of Winston"


Our media twits run around him like flies to a honey jar.  I am so over it.  Now we are going to have a government decided on by some secret people who we do not know and did not have an opportunity to vote for.  Stalin had a similar process.

23 September 2017


"Thank you to all that have put their names forward for the election."


A few will win, most will not.  For those that do stand for parliament  I thank you.