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8 July 2017


"Lions will be dog meat tonight."


The decider beteween the AB's and the Lions tonight.  I pick 20 points advantage to us.

07 July 2017


"Politicians are so quiet.  It is only 3 months to the election"


Perhaps they realise that Kiwi's are engrossed in the Lions tour and the Americas Cup.  To interupt that enjoyment would piss most people off.

05 July 2017


"Wheelchair Norm has 18 in a row. Not an ordinary mutt."


Down in the deep south Wheelchair Norm has won 18 races in a row against the best greyhounds around.  Not a bad effort.

02 July 2017


"Brainless, armless, SBW keeps series alive."


He seems to have always been a flash-harry without anything to shake in his head.  Somehow he always seems to to get what he wants.

30 June 2017


"Where are the Lions supporters?"


The mnedia tell us that we ar swamped with Lions supporters..  I was in Courtney Place, there were just the usual numbers around.

01 July 2017


"Tonight the teddy bears have their picnic."


My pick AB's 13+ against the Lions

28 June 2017


"Rugby, Great result, I actually backed the draw."


Hurricanes Lions 31 all draw, and what a game!.  I had $10 on the draw.  Was I clever?  I must admit I took it by accident, but I will take it!

27 June 2017


"The distraction is over, now for the Lions."


That distraction was of course, the Americas Cup, which we duly won, and now for the rest of the Lions tour



24 June 2017


"I am  waiting with baited breath for tonight and tomorrow."


Tonight is the Lions test.  Forget the score, look at the game.  Tomorrow is the Americas Cup, forget the racing, look for what Oracle migh have done, or might do.  Two games two versions  of what is sportsmanship.

16 June 2017


"This weekend is for sport.  Stay away terrorists, catastrophies and politicians."


The AB's play Samoa, Maoris the Lions and Team NZ against Oracle.  What a weekend!