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22 May 2018


"What was written on the subway walls?"


The words of the prophets is the answer, in the great Simon and Garfukel song, Sounds of Silence.

19 May 2018


"Isnt it good when the good guys win."


Both the Hurricanes and Warriors won hard fought games to win.  Good feelings.

17 May 2018


"Robertson, will he be Robin Hood or Scrooge McDuck?"


Today is Grant Robertsons first budget, will he be the old style Labour minister and be Robin Hood, or will he be sensible and look after everyone?



18 May 2018


"The Budget was boring, therefore is okay."


Was very sensible however there were some things to make you smile.  Winston was given everything he asked for : the price of coalition.  New housing, remember we needed 100,000 in 10 years? we are going to get 6400 in 4 years, means the housing market in Auckland for cheap cars will carry on.

13 May 2018


"Dad, dont let it rain on Mums parade."


It was a miserable weather day for Mothers Day, I hope the Mums of our world enjoyed the day more than the weather.

12 May 2018


Hurricanes and Blues both played to their true abilities."


Meaning the Hurricanes were good, the Blues awful.  Needless to say the score showed that too.

10 May 2018


""The Blues to win again? Just a joke"


They are playing our Hurricanes on Friday, a lot of money says the Hurricanes will kick butts.



06 May 2018


"Sacre bleu, even the Blues won."


The Blues beat the Waratahs, making them the big time loser in Super Rugby.

04 May 2018


"Breathing is a wonderful habit."


I woke this morning and still had the habit.  Was a good feeling.

03 April 2018


"Dompost, all it needs is the tabloid page3 flousy"


The new tabloid format will take some getting used to.  Whats inside still looks like the usual rubbish.