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16 November 2018


The kids love the strike, do it again tomorrow.:


Fat chance, the teachers will not strike tomorrow, its the weekend.  Just like they wont strike in the holidays.  makes their strike look a little self centred

11 November 2018


"Thank you Great Uncle Charley"


On the Armistice Day centenary I remember  my Great Uncle Charley, a Gallipoli veteren that was wounded there.

14 November 2018


"Government, you have too many rubbish issues.  Just govern!"


This govcernment is troubled by so many pathetic issues that are so distracting.  Throw them to one side and govern!  Do what you were elected to do govern.

15 November 2018


"Val says Hi to everyone"


Val is one of the people the whole world loves, and she does say Hi to anyone that wants to enjoy life.

07 November 2018


"My horse was second at the post, but had another lap to go."


I lost track of my sweepstake horse after that and he could be eating grass in the back straight for all I know. So much for the 2018 Melbourne Cup

04 November 2018


"Was that a test match, it looked more like beach footy."


A rugby game between Japan and what was effectively a bunch of second stringers was called a test match.. Ther real All Blacks were in England.  What gives?

 October 2018


"ain Lees Gallaway has been played for a mug"


The minister of immigration has been made to look stupid for giving residensy to a drug dealing convict.  Just deport him like it is expected

01 November 2018


"Inspirational thoughts can be slow"


I stood for some time before the blackboard and then this appeared

14 October 2018


"I see single use plastic bag sales are up."


Since the supermarkets no longer supply bags we are now buying pastic bags for bin liners.  Perhaps we were using the single use supermarket bags a second time??  Werent we cheeky, and the greenies never knew that we used those bags more than once.

14 October 2018


"Climate change : Frost, rain, wind cold, and all those were today."


Just one of those days, woke up, a cold frost. drove to work, it started to rain on the way, wind got up and the "southerly cold" took effect.  Could be very rapid seasons coming up.