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19 January 2017


"This bomb is a dud."


The "so-called weather-bomb" (title invented by TV drama department) turned out to be a dud, it blew and rained.  We have had that before and it was no worse than normal.

18 January 2017


"Do Isis deliver weather bombs, or the met office?.


The answer is neither, this melodramtic new term seems to have eventuated in the TV drama/news department. 

14 January 2017


"Trump was elected, get used ti it."


Those Hollywood idiot types are still complaing about their election result.  They now say he only won because of their system.  Their system would have been fine if Hilary had won.

14 January 2017


"Small minded people keep chirping."


Yes this was yesterdays, but today Otage University have published research that says they saw 57 indications of alcohol while watching sport on TV.  Alcohol sponsorship should be banned.  My reply is funding for the prohibitionists shoud be stopped.  These people are pathetic.

11 January 2017


"Small minded people keep chirping."


When our great media cannot conjour up news they revert to the small mind sods that are good for amusement only.

07 January 2017


"Back to work, summer is close."


Have you noticed that summer doesnt come till after the holidays.  This year is no exception



08 January 2017


"Idle gossip is much better than the truth."


Now Richie McCawe is married.  He forgot to tell the world that his plans were imminent.  The gossip story is so exciting!

22 December 2016


"Taps goes : 'Days done, gone the sun....'.  See you Saturday 7th January."


Remember Taps from the souting days?  The end of today is the end of our year.  Thanks to everyone that have hgelped us to help others.  Cafe Villa is part of our community.

21 December 2016


"Mindus Blankus."


Is this Latin or what!  As you can guess I went out with my chalk and my mind went absolutely blank.

18 December 2016


"Getting over Christmas?  There is another next week."


Dont they come more quickly now