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01 September 2017


"The great debate, cured my insomnia"


That was no great leaders debate : Bill English and Jacionda Adern stood on soap boxes and spouted their wish lists. That is not debating.

02 September 2017


"Go the Warriors , give us a thrill in the last game."


I had hopes that we may see a Warriors win in the last game of the season.  We didnt.  Now there is only next year.  How often have we heard that.

31 August 2017


"Elections : Has been suspended due to lousy weather."


Thats the sort of day we had yesterday.

30 August 2017


"Elections : We will spend it just in case."


Now whatever money the tax payers have had fleeced by the politicos is being spent, and more by all comers wanting to be the government after the election.

27 August 2017


"Elections : I hope the result of our democratic election is accepted : unlike USA"


The Americans are a disgrace. Media and reactionary groups not willing to accept that Hilary was an awful choice of candidate.  Present a better candidate. Now watch us Kiwis on how to win or lose with grace.

26 August 2017


"Elections : In a few weeks the politicos will ignore us."


Once the election is over we will be cannon-fodder and the politicians will forget who we are.

24 August 2017


"I'll bet that Peter Dunne works until "day last"."


The local MP has called it time, now is time to reflect on the good he has done for his electorate and his country.  Peter will have no regrets and I am sure he will find it hard to accept the goodwill and thanks that the people have for him after 33years of hard work.

23 August 2017


"Jacinda :  It moved how can we tax it?"


There is a $3.7 billion surplus in the bank, Jacinda is talking about new taxes.  Stop that thinking.  Be like John Key, be the smiling happy person that empathises with the middle third of voters.  They are the ones that will give you an election win. Dont make them take flight of fright.

19  Auguust 2017


"Will the Ngaio Gorge emulate the Manawatu Gorge?"


Seems a similar path, even if on a smaller scale.

20 August 2017


"Pinetree, incomparable."


Colin Meads died today.  The country mourns.