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06 December 2018


"With one exception we mourn George H W Bush today.":


The one exception being ther coward that phone me and abused me as he says President Bush was the worst president that has ever been.  I still say "He was a good guy"

01 December 2018


"Today is the first day of advent.  How about that!"


Yes, who remembers adsvent?

02 December 2018


"George H W Bush was a good guy"


And he was, he did what was right at the time, invading Kuwait  that lead to Saddham husseins downfall.

02 December 2018


To the idiot that phoned, there were two Presidents called Bush."


Some anonymous coward phoned up abusing my thoughts of the late president.  However he didnt know that George H W Bush was not the one before Obama.  If the coward wishes to look things up he will see how stupid he has been.  I bet he will remain a coward and not step forward  to admit his mistake.  C'mon, if that is you stand up, dont hide behind a telephone where you cannot be seen.

18 November 2018


"The game was beaut, then I saw the scoreboard!"


Ireland were too good for the AB's, winning 16 - 9. 

16 November 2018


The kids love the strike, do it again tomorrow.:


Fat chance, the teachers will not strike tomorrow, its the weekend.  Just like they wont strike in the holidays.  makes their strike look a little self centred

15 November 2018


"Val says Hi to everyone"


Val is one of the people the whole world loves, and she does say Hi to anyone that wants to enjoy life.

11 November 2018


"Thank you Great Uncle Charley"


On the Armistice Day centenary I remember  my Great Uncle Charley, a Gallipoli veteren that was wounded there.

14 November 2018


"Government, you have too many rubbish issues.  Just govern!"


This govcernment is troubled by so many pathetic issues that are so distracting.  Throw them to one side and govern!  Do what you were elected to do govern.

07 November 2018


"My horse was second at the post, but had another lap to go."


I lost track of my sweepstake horse after that and he could be eating grass in the back straight for all I know. So much for the 2018 Melbourne Cup