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16 December 2016


"Politicians seem to be suffering the same fate as fat geese."


The geese are fat for Christmas, now quite a few of the fat cat politicians are about to suffer the same fate as the goose.

12 December 2016


"Sit in the garden and be a juicey tomato."


Compliments to Matt for this little gem

14 December 2016


"Ok, be sweet, be a strawberry then."


Some people dont like tomatoes, but thats life.

12 December 2016


"Parker confirms Blacxkcaps are rubbish."


The much meligned sport of boxing put cricket in its place, at the bottom, after an excellent title fight.

10 December 2016


"Cricket : rubbish, Politics : rubbish, Boxing :" wait and see."


The Blackcraps are crap, politics is creating fear, tonight we have Parker fighting for one of the title belts.  Is he fighting another fat guy from KFC?  wait and see.

08 December 2016


"Situations vacant : MP, would suit a clown."


We have had Phil Goff, John Key and now David Shearer all opting out of their contract with the electorate.  Too much quality all at once.

07 December 2016


"Our politicians can now revert to the backstabbers we knew."


Now that John Key is leaving the PM job the level of behaviour from politicians will drop to the old standards of them behaving badly.

03 December 2016


"Did you know there is an election in Mt Roskill today?"


I doubt if anyone knew, let alone cared.

01 December 2016

"If you have more than one tooth you sould use teethpaste."


Kind of obvious, but why do we all call it toothpaste?

30 November 2016


"Blackcaps are good on a good day."


A thrilling last minute win over Pakistan in a 5 day test, was very good.