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09 April 2018


"Tuesday, Wahine Day, quite a day."


50 Years ago the southerly met cyclone gizelle in Cook Strait and picked the Wahine up dumping it on Barrets Reef.  The rest of Wellington suffered from this storm as well.  You had to be there to get the picture, current journalists have not been able to put a complete picture of the day together, maybe they are too young to investigate well.



07 April 2018


"Hurricanes, never in doubt, no rush."


They took until 85th minute to score the winning try, and convert it, to win by one ahead of the Sharks.  They used a get-out-jail-free card, and could not say they deserved it.  However, we will take it.

05 April 2018


"LIght Rail the new way to decimate pedestrians"


Todays paper had a picture of a dream.  Will be a nightmare as our young will not hear them or see them as they jaywalk around our city. Another half-arsed pipedream that needs proper thoughts before being hoisted on the public.

04 April 2018


"There will be no new taxes.  Apart from this one."


Remember the election? Labour promised no new taxes as they were clearly told by the electorate they were not wanted.  Well the first new "non-tax" is around 10c/litre on petrol.


Why dont electric cars not pay full taxes?  Why should we subsidise the rich pricks (spot the Michael Cullenism?) that can afford them?

02 April 2018


"Hurricanes, Warriors., I love you.... so far"


Both teams deserve our total support.  Obviously it will not continue forever, and that love will continue depending on the effort put into a game that they lose.  Nothing wrong with losing, as long as you give your best.

28 March 2018


"C'mon Jacinda , Tell them who is running the asylum."


We had the Labour party sex scandal, the party disrespected the Prime Minister. We had the Shane Jones doing his own thing, A cabinet minister totally disrespecting the Prime Minister,

Now we have the broadcasting minister doing her own thing, a Labour Cabinet Minister rubbishing the Prime Minister. 


Quite simple Jacinda, either sack the disrespectful ones or go.  Your choice.

25 March 2018


"Hurricanes, Warriors, have a nice ring to them."


Both teams are playing so well and getting results they deserve.



23 March 2018


"Who won, Obama or the Blackcaps? The Blackcaps by a mile."


Obama came for his $500K talking junket, while the Blackcaps skittled England for 58.  We had our day and those who went to hear Obama missed out.

21 March 2018


"Good to see Obama doing something useful : playing golf,"


What do ex- Presidents do? other than make money?  Golf is a good past time.

17 March 2018


"Electric cars : who will pay the road taxes?"


Petrol users pay over $1 per litre for road taxes, diesel users pay also.  Electric cars dont. So if we all switch who will pay for maintaining and building new roads?