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16 August 2017


"Hipkins, rather amateurish"


This Labour MP has been successfully played for a fool by Aussie media, and now looks totally stupid.  How can he be credible cabinet minister should the Labour-greens-NZ First- and hangerons win the  election?

11 August 2017


"Proposed new tax : All names starting with W are taxed 10% more."


The far left parties are proposing new taxes so that the "car dwellars" can buy better cars.  Here is a thought.

12 August 2017


"Hit the road Jack, I cant as the road is closed."


Up in the hills we are getting sick of the main road being blocked and closed, I hope the guys working on it get there soon

13 August 2017


"The Jacinda effect is a media creation, please respect the voters."


Just because Labour have changed the leader the great mass of plebs do not suddenly change their vote.  Why do the media say that people do that?  Show respect to the people. Hunt out and read Desiderata by Max Ehrmann if you are part of the media,

06 August 2017


"Labour grow some... and dump the Greens."


Labour have made the correct changes, Greens are an embarrassing liabilty.

03 August 2017


It is okay to be a welfare thief, as long as you are a Green MP."


One leader says she is a thief, and liar, the other says it is okay.  And please vote for us!!!  Yopu would have to be kidding!!



26 July 2017


"Begone winter, we have had two days of spring."


and havent they been good.  Back to winter today.

27 July 2017


"Change the law, let the Greens screw the system."


Seems that if you are Green you are accepted, if you are not you are prospecuted.  Deliberately cheating the WINZ system is not to be condoned.  Prosecute the Green Leader that did it and is now happy to pay the money back.

22 July 2017


"Brumbies, "So long its been good to know you"."


Using that good old song title after the Brumbies were pulled apart by our Hurricanes.

23 July 2017


"Winter has been so long, all three weeks of it."


Winter only really started a few weeks ago, seems so long ago.