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25 February 2017


"Why is 13 degrees in the morning colder than 13 degrees in the afternoon?"


It does seem that way doesnt it?  The answer  lies in radiant heat.

26 February 2017


"Blackcaps were embarrassing, we will get used to it."

Since McCullum left they are a rudderless bunch of no hopers.

17 February 2017


"Cars are boring, they come and they go....yawn."


I stood outside and watched the cars go by, they look as if they are robotic machines.  I wonder if the drivers are aware of their surroundings?  There are a lot of zombie like drivers today, just staring blankly ahead.

18 February 2017


"Weather forecast : awful."


I waited all day for the heavy rain, and thunder.  All we got was a light shower and a car honked its horn.  Close I suppose.

19 February 2017


"Cricket : Its not the same without McCullum."


The enthusiasm, the wiull to win, the effort, and the results are just not the same. 

12 February 2017


"Bill can shear a sheep, Andrew and Winston cannot.  So there!"


We saw it on TV.  But the real thought is that I didnt include the Green guy, that was because I cant remember who he is, can you?

08 February 2017


"Willie Jackson joins the gravey train.  Who next?"


Andrew Little has stuffed up by asking Willie to join Labour for the elction.  Even his party is telling him so.

05 february 2017


"The fun-police will kick you out if you have fun at the Auckland 9's"


The wowsers and do-gooders will save us from alcohol at the Auckland 9's.  They are doomed.

03 February 2017


"Bill if Don rings up, hang up on him.  Be a man."


Donald Trump may have hung up on Turnbull, I doubt it though.  The Washington Post (the anti-Trump paper) claims he did, but Turnbull says he didnt.  English acn do what he wants when the call comes through.

31 January 2017




Sven was told to write something on the board during my weekend, so something was written.