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10 May 2018


""The Blues to win again? Just a joke"


They are playing our Hurricanes on Friday, a lot of money says the Hurricanes will kick butts.



06 May 2018


"Sacre bleu, even the Blues won."


The Blues beat the Waratahs, making them the big time loser in Super Rugby.

04 May 2018


"Breathing is a wonderful habit."


I woke this morning and still had the habit.  Was a good feeling.

03 April 2018


"Dompost, all it needs is the tabloid page3 flousy"


The new tabloid format will take some getting used to.  Whats inside still looks like the usual rubbish.

27 April 2018


"School hols are nearly over, well done Mums."


So many mums are looking for the holidays to end, they come in each day with the kids, each day looking a little more worn out.  The person who sneakily tried to change the board is clearly not a mum in our community and is cowardly at best.

28 April 2018

Breaking news, Nth Korea and Sth Korea love each other.  Yeah right."


Lets be real, they hate each other, but the worlds TV cameras were on the two bosses.



25 April 2018




Anzac day 2018.  My fathers service number during World War 2

26 April 2018


"Government is quiet, Warriors came second.  Ho hum."


More words, little action from the government 6 months in, and the Warriors were done like a dinner.

22 April 2018


"If you think this weather will continue you are deluded."


School holidays has seen a few rather nice days, most un-holiday like.

19 April 2018


"Political Polls keep media hacks in work"


We had a pointless poll which the hacks went crazy about.  Real mindless salivation by these bods.  The reality is that they should get a life.  At this early stage after an election it doesnt matter, and who cares.