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30 March 2017


"Energetic?  Lie down and wait for the feeling to go away."


Compliments to Mark Twain, but slightly paraphrased.

27 March 2017


"New lotto idea : put my numbers in the barrel."


A new lotto with more and better prizes is announced.  I would be happy for my numbers to come out of the barrel.

24 March 2017


"Our SAS went to a war.  Inocents died. Thats a surprise!"


Another 4 innocents died in London yesterday.  No amount of enquiries demanded by the hand-ringing do-gooders is going to change what happens in a war.

19 March 2017


"Warriors and Blues are to merge.  That way they will only lose one game per week."


For the two teams from a city with one third of the country's population they are a disaster.

165 March 2017


"Nice day for cricket, now pray for rain....Desparately."


A beaut day for the test at the Basin, but we are doing so badly.

15 March 2017


"Gareth Morgan, stick to the cats, we can understand that."


He has spoken of his economic ideas, they seem to frighten anyone that owns their own home.  I am sure that the ideas are not as frightening as people think, which means his delievery is at fault.

10 MNarch 2017


"Trial by media, save the courts time."


A couple of yobos at Wellington College made absolute dicks of themselves.  It has been the headline for 3 days.  The media know best, they keep telling us so."


08 March 2017


"Stop moaning, or the super age will go to 69"


The media have done such a disgraceful  job on this matter,  They simply broadcast the headline without knowing what the hell the super is all about.  I wish they would be held accountable for their actions.

09 March 2017


"super was 65, the 60, then 65, now perhaps 67.  It is your taxes, your money."


Labour have been in favour of 67 for 2 elections, now they are dead against it.  Incredible.  Look back, super tax was always paid specifically for your pension, you still pay it, under another disgiuse, but every person pays for it and is entitled to it, we rely on politicians to make sure it is at the right age.  Now do the job, dont play politics with our lives.

05 February 2017


"Cricket : If it was your money would you pay them?"


An open question to which everyone is entitled to an opinion.  I have worked all my life where I get paid depending on my efforts and results.  Guess where  stand.