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15 September 2018


"Tomorrows special : Springbok mash."


Looks bad for the springboks, they are rank outsiders and are knowing it.

16 September 2018


"Veni virdi vici."


Remember your Latin ?  Came, saw, conquered?  or in mor Shakespearean English " I came, I saw, I conqured."  Well that is just what the springboks did.  The beat the ABs.  Good on them

12 September 2018


"Greg you were right. Concensus says so."


Greg OConnor criticised the leaving of Claire Curran, was she sacked or did she resign?, and he got told off,  Who knows the truth, only Jacinda, and she has failed the sniff test on this.

11 Se ptember 2018


"Winston is better than sliced bread. Who would have thought."


We have the Greens being total twats, we have Jacinda being so PC that she has lost control of the sniff test.  Thankfully Winston is the sensible one, playing his political games, this time by letting the others be idiots.

08 September 2018


"AB's, Warriors? Oh for a split screen TV."


Both are on at the same time, both big matches.

09 September 2018


"AB's made the Pumas look good.  Oh the Warriors"


AB's won but a pretty ordinary performance.  The Warriors had a similarly ordinary performnace and were dumped out of the playoffs.

0 August 2018


"Now the foot is on the other boot.:


Remember what a malapropism is?  Here is one.

24 August 2018


"Aussie politicos almost make ours look good....almost"


After the back stabbing that has become prevelent in Oz politics continues.

25 August 2018


"Claire Curran, sacked, well almost..  She keeps the $$$$"


Jacinda has "sacked" her old mate Claire for getting caught twice for sackable events, however has left her a minor ministerial portfolio so that she keeps the money and benefits of being a minister.  Queen Helen would not be amused.

22 August 2018


"Julian Genter can now bike home with her new baby."


She played the cheap media stunt by "biking" to hospital to have her overdue baby, now she can bile home.  But congrats on your new family member.