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17 November 2017


"No-one missed their train yesterday."


The first strike for the new government.  Is this a union flexing muscles, telling the government that they expect to be looked after since we now have a Labour Government?

15 November 2017


"Jacinda forgot to chastise Myanmar tyrant."

She sat next to one of the worst tyrants in the world over dinner and didnt challenge the human rights breached by the Myanmar government.  Yet she is willing to speak out on "easy-pickings"  She must learnt to get these things right if she wants credibilty.

12 November 2017


"League horrible : Soccer, tiresome, AB's pretty ordinary."


The rugby league was awful, up by 18 points and losing OMG.  The soccer against Peru very tactful, but we really needed to win.  I was bored due to the slow tactics.  The ABs were woeful, game won by 1/2 time, yet we played out of a huge win in the 2nd half by a woeful performance.  SBW doesnt even know the rules, the ones we all learnt whilke playing the game, instead of standing in front of a mirror

08 November 2017


"Respect the milkmans horse, he was my cup horse yesterday."


My typical success in Melbourne Cup sweepsatkes.

09 November 2017


"Normal politics resumes.  Fight ya buggers"


Parliament resumes with the usual shenanigins.  Only differnce this time is the opposition have more MPs thatn the government.

04 November 2017


"Lets blame it all on Muldoon."


There doesnt seem to be any journalists alive that were aware of Muldoonism.  They all seem to be of childish age.

02 November 2017


Auckland house prices rumble.  I wonder why?"

The media missed this opportunity to give out false news.  Prices tumbled 0.5% in the last year.  Obvioulsy because there was to be a change in government, not because of natural forces., but there you go.

03 November 2017


"Wasnt summer goo."


Afetr 3 lovely days winter-like weather retuns, bugger

01 November 2017


"Foreigners, you will have to live under a bridge."


Somehow some people are deluded into thinking that banning non-Kiwis from buying an existing house will solve the price problems in Auckland.  This is totally dumb.  Lets simply call it what it is : xenpohobia.

22 October 2017


"After last night the sun will not rise today."

After the unusual election result the sun rose the next morning.  After the AB's performance in losing Oz, it will not rise today