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21 January 2018


"Josh graced us with his presence this morning.  A great cat."


Josh the local dignitary (a cat) spent several hours meeting Villa customers today.  Was a welcome visit.

12 January 2018


"Forget next Xmas, hot cross buns are in the shops."


Ludicrous, hot cross buns early January.  Arent they meant for Easter?

13 January 2018


"Isnt it quiet with the politcos away"


When their holidays are over they expect us to listen to their antics, while they are holidaying they find their importance is put into a correct prospective.

22 December 2017


"Forget this Christmas, there is another one in a year"


Christmas has come so quickly, maybe we should wait until next year so that we can prepare better.

20 December 2017


"Wheelchair Norm, the fastest wheelchair in the west."


This greyhound is amazing, yesterday he won his79th race in about 2 years.

14 December 2017


"Robertsons magical mystery tour starts today."


Grant Robertson is to give his mini-budget today.  So it starts.

15 December 2017


:Grants wand seems to work like magic."


Grant Tobertson has given his mini-budget.  It has great acceptence and seems to do exactly what Labour had campaigned on.  A great first step for the new government.

9 December 2017


"Red wine uses less water than white wine."


Here we are saving water, an essential hobby this summer.  We should look at the reasons why we are using water, and we do drink white wine faster than red.

10 December 2017


"I was just getting used to summer."


Today the temperature has dropped 10 degrees, there is low cloud and some showers.  A bitter disappointment over the last week 

07 December 2017


"Save water, stick to wine."


The place is drying out, looks like it could be a togh summer.  Pity we havent worked at storing water for such times.