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17 March 2018


"Electric cars : who will pay the road taxes?"


Petrol users pay over $1 per litre for road taxes, diesel users pay also.  Electric cars dont. So if we all switch who will pay for maintaining and building new roads?

"Jacinda, dont let your people blindside you."


The Labour party people would all be dead if Jacindas' look about the sex attacks at the young Labour camp was able to kill.  They hung the leader out to dry and she did not appreciate it.  She should have been announcing the matter, not being blindsided by a grinning journalist

10 March 2018


"Dont talk about : the cricket, the rugby, the Warriors"


Hopefully we can do well in all games, more likely if we dont talk about them.

11 MNarch 2018


"Scream about the Hurricanes and the Warriors.  The Blackwhats?"


The Hurricanes pulled the Crusaders apart, the Warriors played so well, and give us hope for the season.  Th Black-whatevers scored 100 runs below what would have been competitive.  They have done their bundle again

28 February 2018


"I hope it is not a bridge too far."


Simon Bridges is now the Nats leader.  And Monty tried to win the war.

02 March 2018


"Labour goes to Oz for drinks and Greg is left behind."


Half the Labour Cabinet are doing a TV ad for themselves in Oz, an exercise in futility.  The newby, our Greg OConner stays behind.

24 February 2014


"Blues trying to emualate the Warriors."


Both have been winning pre-season games for nothing.  Now Blues play for real and came second

25 February 2018


"They dont like the cold steel u them Mr Mainwaring."


Lance Corporal Jones of Dads Army gave this memorable line many times and all our older TV viewers new it.  The younger ones dont see TV of this quality and looked blank.

23 February 2018


" Olympics, medals in sports we have never heard of. Great"


Two medals was great, if you heard the TV commentary you woulkd still be laughing : everything was "absolutely crazy, or thats insane."  Two great performances by two 16 year olds, we stand and applaud you.



21 Fedbruary 2018


""A weeks media frenzy for last night."


Thge ex cyclone was that pumped up by the media that what arrived was a disappointment.  The do-gooders will sayabetter be safe than sorry.  They will be looking for the boy that cried wolf soon.